Propuneri de cooperare

Japanese company specialized in ecofriendly made wool socks, carpets and fabrics is looking for a commercial partner.

Japanese start-up offering fem-tech product reducing day-to-day disadvantages is looking for a distributor in the EU under a business agreement.

Japanese SME offers system solutions using Artificial Intelligence and collaborative robotics under an outsourcing agreement.

Japanese company is looking for a distribution partner in the EU for their sludge-dewatering equipment.

A Japanese industrial optical lens and mould manufacturer seeks distributor in the EU.

A Japanese company offers their intellectual property rights to technology for an open, small hydropower unit through a licensing agreement. Their hydropower technology can be used to effectively convert unused hydropower energy into electricity.

A Belgian company is looking for suppliers of raw bovine colostrum (surplus of colostrum of first milking).

Lithuanian interior design company is looking for partnership in interior design field products to become an official brand representative in Lithuania.

Austrian company is seeking cleaning rag manufacturer.

Austrian textile gathering and recycling company is seeking partners in textile sorting and recycling.

An Austrian heat pump manufacturer wants to build the next generation of heat pumps based on semiconductor devices. Such devices could transport heat to work as cost-effective, scalable, and silent heat pump for any purpose. Based on commercial agreements, the company is seeking partners in semiconductors research and manufacturing to (1) evaluate the feasibility of the idea to use semiconductors as heat pumps, (2) form a consortium to research and build prototypes.

French supplier of sustainable solutions and processes for mechanical powder processing is looking for industries or laboratories with complementary solutions for grinding, drying, micronization, classification, dry powder.

An Irish Carbon Management and Carbon Exchange SaaS platform is looking to partner with Universities or R&D institutions capable of developing A.I and machine learning technology to safeguard against fraudulent carbon offset transactions.

An Irish Carbon Managemen and Carbon Exchange SaaS platform is looking to partner with Agricultural organizations who represent forestry landowners and stakeholders who are looking to generate a revenue stream from carbon farming.

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure, energy efficient and smart electrical solutions for industrial and residential usage, photovoltaic related products and management systems are requested under commercial or supplier agreements.

First French High Organic Cosmetics brand dedicated to Nigella, a beauty and health oil with a reputation for treating skin problems and capillary disorders, is looking for suppliers of organic and fair-trade Nigella seeds with certificates to prove it.

A apparel company from Slovakia is looking for manufacturer men's and women's clothing based on an outsourcing agreement.

German bagmaker is looking for a sewing company to produce bags made from recycled kite or windsurfing sails under an outsourcing agreement.

Lithuanian company of experienced photo and video specialists is looking for equipment suppliers/business partners.

A producer of an innovative pedal-sized guitar amplifier with compact and portable design without compromising on power or sound quality is looking for suppliers.

Polish Company is looking for manufacturer of coated papers, especially anti-slip paper to stabilize goods on pallets. Manufacturer should offer double-sided papers, with different grammage, available in sheets and rolls.

Danish wholesale clothing company seeks European suppliers of knitwear clothing and buttons.

Danish company of heavy-weighing teddy bears and pillows seeks European suppliers of filling wadding, 55 % polyester and 45 % cotton / plush fabric, 100 % polyester /100 % cotton lining.

A Polish exporter [B2C/B2B] to customers all over Europe is looking for new goods and suppliers of new products.

Turkish SME specialised in production of organic fertilisers is searching for technology and business partners.

Slovak start-up is looking for new technology/research partners for the extension of research in the possible recycling of cigarette waste and waste from tobacco sticks (IQOS).

A French international trading and distribution company is looking for new agri-food suppliers in the frame of commercial agreements.

A German SME having developed foil bags for labeling clean and soiled care aids and medical products is looking for manufacturers to enter into a manufacturing agreement.

Swedish manufacturer of organic hair care products is searching for suppliers of ingredients.

Austrian company developing personal hygiene products is looking for a manufacturer and full-service bottler for its products based on its formulations.

Luxembourg real estate consulting company is looking to commercialise interesting and innovative prefabricated concepts and designs to enter the Luxembourgish and French Alps markets under commercial agreement.

Slovak SME is looking for unique products in the industrial sector and automation.

German online retailer is looking for high-quality image designer & 3D product visualisation services under a commercial agreement.

Greek company manufacturing handcrafted jewelry from silver is looking for labs producing jewelry from silver with PVD coating (Physical Vapour Deposition coating) to collaborate under a commercial or outsourcing agreement.

An Italian manufacturing company, committed to sustainability (upcycled, long-lasting, and repairable textile products) is looking for national and international partners for supplier agreement(discarded technical materials, offcuts, and production scraps).

Slovenian company, specialized in the development and production of finished polyurethane (PU) products, is looking for help in preventing / separating PU semi-finished products from sticking to / from aluminium moulds.

UK SME seeks manufacturers for portable, recyclable, hygienic eating surface, minimising the spread of bacteria, germs and viruses envisaged via an outsourcing agreement.

French premium sustainable bags and accessories brand is seeking manufacturing agreements with flexible synthetic textiles and rubber suppliers manufacturing experts.

German wholesaler is looking for new suppliers of wooden boxes and paper bags to equip their retailers' shops.

Swedish wholesaler of esoteric products searching for suppliers of products.

Swedish Company - Global Leader in Dietary Supplements Manufacturing Seeks Contract Manufacturing Partnerships Worldwide

A UK-based SME specialising in sports accessories is seeking manufacturing services to produce a plastic handle featuring nylon and stainless-steel bristles via a commercial agreement

Italian company leading super-resolution optical microscopy techniques seeks collaborations and partnerships to expand its technology in biological research and clinical medical fields

Irish luxury knitwear design company seeking partnership agreement with a supplier of Cashmere Yarn of all guages

Polish company is looking for foreign contacts to implement advanced software development projects

A fast-growing Belgian company is looking for a sustainable European partner for the production of period underwear and swimwear. The partner should guarantee high-quality products and use sustainable materials (Oekotex STANDARD 100, no use of PFAS, PFAO).

Plant based homeware utensils company seeking other similar products to add to the range

Austrian SME designing everyday T-Shirts for people with unique body shapes is looking for a manufacturer to produce cotton shirts

A Swedish start-up is searching for a manufacturer of bottle-filling machines

A French SME, that manufacture of custom suits for skydiving, is looking for a partner specialized in hand made sewing in Europe

A Slovenian company is looking for a manufacturer of fragrances for industrial machine laundry

Spanish company searches hair suppliers to be implanted in the dolls they manufacture

A UK based gut health food company specialising in fermented fruit snacks is looking to outsource production of their freeze dried product in the EU

Austrian wholesaler for bakeries is looking for a producer of butter block and puff pastry butter

Slovenian Company Looking for Partners in Organic Certified Wholesale and Production

Slovenian company is in search of partners for the injection molding of single and two component plastics for use in the automotive industry

Macedonian company is searching for partners for plastic and metal components for use in the automotive industry

A German SME manufacturer of medical furniture, made in Germany, is looking for alternatives that are more environmentally sustainable than traditional foam for their products

Greek company based on Crete seeks for manufactures of innovative irrigation products in order to distribute them in South Greece

A Finnish company is looking for a manufacturer for indoor sport-equipment made of cellular plastics.

Request from Greece for new technology to purify recycled waste material.

Irish fashion start up, specialising in high quality and sustainable 'Athleisure' products for women, seeking to form a partnership agreement with a European manufacturer of ladies apparel.

Irish knitwear manufacturer, using natural materials with a focus on traditional craft and sustainable manufacturing, is seeking to purchase a type of flat sewing machine that sews with yarn like a cup-seamer that will allow them to link sides of garments.

A Greek Company, based in Komotini, that cultivates fresh herbs and produces bottled herbal teas, beverages, snacks, is looking for a European supplier of organic dried fruits and specifically of organic strawberry pieces to be added in herbal mixtures.

Academic start-up specialized in research on biosurfactants is looking for a techology and process optimization on separation and purification of the end product.

German online retailer is looking for a manufacturer of food and supplementary feed for animals under a supplier agreement.

German online retailer is looking for a manufacturer of lighting wool under a supplier agreement.

An Italian start-up has patented a deep-tech solution to accelerate fermentation processes and is looking for partners and investors aiming to innovate and improve the productivity standards of beer, yogurt, microalgae and kombucha industries.

A leading Danish online retailer seeks suppliers (brands) of baby & children's articles.

French company is looking for a partner to process pulse meal or legumes flours into protein concentrates for human consumption.

Belgian start-up specialised in sustainable temporary event structures (for stages, domes, stands…) looking for partners to develop new solutions and common projects.

German company producing edible oils is looking for supplier of organic lecithin.

An Italian company operating in the Photovoltaic (PV) modules disposal is looking for partners willing to acquire the obtained materials (backsheet + glass).

Technical collaboration sought for processing photovoltaic modules backsheets post-glass separation.

A Danish bag brand committed to sustainability seeks manufacturing partner.

Danish hospital looking for adjustable stepping stools fit for an operating theater.

Czech company seeking supplier of radiation and heat-resistant wiring and insulation (covering) coat.

Dutch climate tech scale-up active in long duration electricity storage is looking for a co-developer and/or supplier of bipolar membrane technology for their flow battery technology.

Belgian company is looking for dried lovage roots.

A Korean SME specialized in robots for coding education is looking for partners who can develop media, textual, and graphical content of educational curriculums.

Maltese development agency is looking for innovative and sustainable solutions addressing global ocean challenges.

Polish manufacturer and importer is looking for suppliers of frozen peaches, apricots, cherries and frozen grilled aubergines, zucchini and pepper.

Irish Confectionery Distributor seeking Europe based Chocolate Button Manufacturer for the purpose of partnership agreement.

Danish fire equipment distributor seeks suppliers of fire extinguishers.

Looking for technical solution to extract carbon dioxide CO2 from seawater.

A Finnish startup is looking for a manufacturer of plastic cold pools from EU region to replace Chinese supplier.

French paper import-export company seeks international business partners to supply A4 paper.

Italian start-up is looking for AI suppliers to develop its cutting-edge athletic performance software.

Planning individual journeys through travelguide with Natural Language Processing (NLP) text analysing techniques is looking research and developement cooperation agreement.

UK company is looking for AI and NLP collaboration with expertise in programming or design to improve a bio-based materials database by enhancing data processes and enabling efficient searches and material recommendations for product development.

Swedish client looking for pump spray bottles for powder dispensing.

A UK company seeks a wooden products manufacturer, who uses sustainably sourced wood, to produce high-quality finished wood prototypes and products. The UK company has designed and developed a modular desk organiser that can be adapted to each person’s needs. By using the vertical space above the desk or small workspace, the organiser leaves it clutter free, leaving more room for papers, laptop, PC, monitor and/or other devices.

A Greek company which produces packaging items from low (LDPE) and high (HDPE) density polyethylene and polypropylene (PP), as well as biodegradable materials based on starch, is looking for producers of recycled and recyclable raw materials from low polyethylene (LDPE) and high polyethylene (HDPE) in order to establish commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Spanish-English intermediary sales agent looking for opportunities to partner up with companies in the sector of manufacturing of industrial products, machinery, and mechanical engineering to help them enter or expand their presence in the Spanish market.

A Luxembourg developer of a life-saving shoe concept is looking for a sole and/or shoe manufacturer under manufacture or licence agreement.

A Polish retail company is looking for cooperation with producers and suppliers of canned meat and processed meats.

A Polish company seeks suppliers of dried fruits and seeds to conclude supplier agreements.

UK SME developing a recyclable disposable hygienic surface mat made from biodegradable and impermeable paper which assists the elimination and spread of bacteria and germs, would like to collaborate with hospitals, restaurants, takeaway chains, retail companies, schools and aviation organisations to further develop product and support with routes to market envisaged via a license agreement and/or joint venture with investment.

UK SME developing a recyclable disposable hygienic surface mat made from biodegradable and impermeable paper which eliminates the spread of bacteria and germs found on common eating surfaces. The SME would like to target this at schools, hospitals, restaurants and aviation companies and is seeking support from marketing and sales agents via a commercial services agreement.

Patent pending glass blade company with eco-friendly and low carbon solutions seeks shareholder to distribute, manufacture and advertise products in Europe.

Innovative Danish company specializing in multispectral camouflaging is looking for partners that work with, develop and manufacture graphene.

A Lithuanian company is looking for orthopedic footwear manufacturers to work under a manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.

A Swedish start-up is searching for a manufacturer of eyewear products.

Luxembourgish consulting company is looking for commercial partnerships to help solutions and industrial products for the real estate and construction sectors to enter the EU francophone market.

French company seeks cutting-edge peripherical and robotic solutions under distribution services agreements.

German importer of fish and seafood is looking for vegan or vegetarian fish and seafood alternatives, supplier agreements are offered.

Swedish start-up searching for workwear manufacturer for their upcoming launch of asphalt shoes.

Canadian IT company is seeking partners to develop 3D thermal modelling technology based on drone imagery capture.

Polish manufacturer of natural medicine products looking fo essential oils suppliers.

German distributor of electronics and electric components is looking for manufacturers of radio frequency components or sensors to cooperate under a commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

German start-up from the Frankfurt/Main region is looking for suppliers of padding/foaming for laptop cases from Eastern Europe, the Balkans or Asia under a manufacturing agreement.

A UK SME designing and selling own brand beauty bags, is seeking European suppliers of eco-friendly, sustainable materials.

A UK SME designing and selling own brand beauty bags is seeking partners to manufacture their new product range. The company is open to hear from manufacturers supporting design process for development of prototypes.

Danish activewear brand looking for manufacturer of clothing line.

Dutch company is looking for a supplier of pillow moss (Leucobryum glaucum).

Korean Company is looking for a professional trading company with experience in handling the steel pipe and fastner.

A company based in Poland specialised in production of groats and cereal products is interested to find suppliers of grain (mostly) in Europe.

Seed/early growth social impact fund, focusing on start-ups from CEE countries, seeks companies with solutions aimed at urgent environmental and societal challenges.

Company mission is to develop and sell a minimal, light-weight, digital camera system for aerial drones. Looking for partners to further explore the use cases of the developed product. Aid in development of target platforms.

Ukrainian manufacturer of the metal 3D printing systems is looking for investments and strategic partnerships.

Lithuanian company in the industrial insulation, tinplate prefabrication services looking for manufacturers or suppliers of metal rolls and trapezoidal sheets.

A Korean biotech company has developed the new therapeutic technology of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) drug, easing the human joint's inflammation by targeting a new recombinant protein. The new recombinant protein helps RA patients recover their damaged joints and increase joint healing. They aim to conduct clinical trials and gain IND (Investigational New Drug) approvals in the U.S. until 2022. The Korean company is looking for biotech partners to gain the new RA drug under a license agreement.

Italian company specialized in designing, producing and marketing promotional products on large scale is looking for manufacturers/suppliers of card holders made in polypropylene and suppliers of polypropylene films.

Belgian company specialised in turn-key projects in medical, environmental and agro industrial sectors, is looking for investment partners to enlarge the capacity of projects' financing and for subcontractors to complete technical and commercial offers.

A Dutch importing wholesaler of fitness equipment and fitness products is looking for a manufacturing agreement with a manufacturer of gym bags made of imitation nappa leather.

Paris based Incubator is looking for start-ups to participate into ambitious project codeveloped with Adidas, called Innovation lab. This lab aims to identify and support initiatives (start-ups and NGOs) that will grant women and girls better access to the benefits of sport and enable them to reach their potential and succeed in all areas of life. Joining this incubation program gives access to specific tools to grow a project in a community of like-minded innovators passionate about gender equity in sports.

Danish SME is looking for manufacturer of innovative riding breeches. The SME has created waterproof, breathable and stretchy riding breeches, and are looking for a long-term manufacturing partner who can comply with the company’s design and use the material the company has chosen.

Danish SME located in the Northern part of Denmark are looking for supplier of fabrics that is certified for use on lifejackets. The life jacket is remarkable by being made in a flexible fabric (swimwear like material), and the SME is hence looking for suppliers of ISO12402-7 certified fabrics.

A French company is developing a new concept of energy production needing its storage via hydrogen. The gaseous hydrogen would be kept into tanks, connected to each other by flexible pipes. These pipes should resist a pressure of 350 bars minimum. Commercial partnership is proposed for these flexible pipes used in marine conditions.

Historic covered market in Tuscany, which involves 100 reatilers, is looking for other covered markets in Europe to start business collaborations and to offer distrubition services reciprocally to the retailers of both markets.

A Swedish charity and children's rights organisation is looking for new suppliers located in Europe to produce paper flower pins and three other similar products that come in a new colour version every year (6-8 mil pieces/year). The charity is ready to enter into a supplier agreement and are looking for long-term relationships with reliable suppliers that can handle big quantities of man-made products and that have experience with packing and logistics. The supplier is probably active in the gift market.

The Luxembourg company, active in the import and export of various best-in-class goods and solutions in Luxembourg and abroad, is looking for EU-established suppliers specialised in metal cutting and small parts injection molding to produce the parts for a stainless-steel stand.

Spanish company specialized in sustainable bio-fertilizers is looking for partners in the bio-fertilizers market interested in reaching the Spanish market under commercial agreements.

French SME is looking for a manufacturer of linen canvas under subcontracting agreement.

French start-up looking for industrial partners and suppliers for its innovative anti-tailgating device to avoid accident. The company has a wide scope of vehicles that can be targeted (cars, bikes, electric scooters, …), even if it is planned to begin with buses (earliest requests).

A Polish company is looking for a partner to invest in a Biogas Plant as a RES in conjunction with a Distillery. This project responds to the activities related to the sourcing of Energy from Renewable Sources and the desire to become independent from external suppliers of hydrocarbon raw materials.

A well established Dutch wine company is looking for producers of pouches. Targeted countries are wine producing countries located in the East and South of Europe. The company is offering a supplier agreement.

A company from the Netherlands is a webshop, specialized in all kind of cool bags and boxes. The company is seeking producers of cool boxes, non-electrical and electric cool boxes. A manufacturing agreement is offered.

A UK agency is seeking new products to represent in the UK market. specifically health and vitality including supplements, homoeopathy remedies, herbal medicine products, fresh organic food & drink. They have access to all major retail outlets and also arrange marketing, customs and logistics. They are seeking export-ready companies via agency agreement.

French company specialised in the manufacture of indoor shoes searches terrycloth providers under supplier agreement

French pointe and ballet shoes firm is looking for new fabric suppliers specialised in satin weaving under supplier agreement.

Swedish start-up with their own recipe of protein cereals is looking for companies in Europe producing extruded cereals that can do the production according to the Swedish company’s recipe. The SME is looking for a company that can produce in smaller batches of 1000 kg or less but with time have the possibility to grow with the Swedish company and increase the production with time.

A Polish distributor and manufacturer of dietary supplements and products for the medical industry is looking for new products and cooperation opportunities. The company is looking for a partner willing to develop under its brand as well as a partner that wants to enter the Polish pharmaceutical market.

A Hungarian trading company specialized in children’s toys and outdoor playground equipment searches for suppliers. The company’s interest is mainly: outdoor playground equipment: children's toys (slide, seesaw, play tower, swing, cable car, etc.), outdoor fitness machines, calisthenics gym, benches, tables, fence, trash can. Educational toys; AR/VR educational equipment; simulators for education.

A Greek start-up company is looking for suppliers to provide environmentally-friendly binders, finishes, and/or compostable adhesives in order to integrate them in the seagrass surface panels it has developed, for a totally natural eco-conscious product.

A Bulgarian company is lookin for suppliers of galvanised steel coil.

A UK based global supplier of reagents and services for the life science research markets is seeking new partners under manufacturing and license agreements for the supply of novel reagents, such as proteins, antibodies and small molecules to complement its existing catalogue and development of new products and services. Reagents and services for proteomic analysis in the following areas are of interest: cancer, stem cells, neuroscience, immunology and cardiovascular disease.

An Ukrainian company is interested in extending the range of board games proposed to a customer. This company is looking for new innovative and interesting board games which could be produced by the company under a license agreement.

This Italian company is a multidisciplinary group of people (agronomists, biologists) with expertise in many areas of the farming sector. It wants to bring innovations in the agricultural and agro-industry market (automation, plant bio nutrition, and bio protection, water depuration, and filtration). Therefore, it is looking for interesting and useful innovations to introduce to the Italian market. The company is looking for partners abroad under services agreements.

An Austrian design studio developing products and strategies for brands in Central Europe is looking for a manufacturer of a certain kind of clockwork. This clockwork will be an integral part of a new clock-design invented by the company.

A Lithuanian manufacturer and wholesaler of electrical equipment is looking for partners (suppliers or manufacturers), who want to cooperate.

A Greek start-up is looking for partners to manufacture its eco-conscious surfaces and panels.

A Hungarian company is looking for a reliable partner with good quality products, which it could represent on the Hungarian market. The company’s intrests are mainly home and garden products, horticultural products, tools etc. The company sells these products both whloesale and retail. On their wholesale chain the company covers about 1000 farmer shops and stores in the country. They also have 9 own farmer shops where they sell a wide range of gardening products.

An Ukrainian enterprise specialized in manufacturing outfits for christening and dresses for special events with the production located in Lviv. The company sells worldwide on the marketplaces like Etsy in 25 countries. The enterprise is looking for business partners such as fabrics and lace manufacturers for purchasing their products. They are also interested in cooperation with other children’s clothing manufacturers for establishing sales connections.

A Luxembourg company active in the import and selling of building materials is looking to expand its product catalogue, having an important network in Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands and France. It requests cooperation under distribution services or commercial agency agreements with manufacturers able to provide interesting, innovative and niche construction panels, flooring and timber products interested in the mentioned markets.

A Japanese distributor for hardware, DIY (Do It Yourself)-related tools and products, machinery tools, pet supplies and camping equipment seeks a partnership with EU manufacturers who can provide a stable supply of EU-made hardware products such as fasteners and building materials, under commercial agency or distribution services agreements.

A Slovak company is focused on the development of custom-made applications & AI solutions for the insurance, banking, telco, legal, retail & logistic industries. The company is looking for a partner to cooperate under commercial, outsourcing or supplier agreement.

A Danish company searches for suppliers to separate tennis and padel balls into rubber and textiles. The company recycles and upcycles that kind of items.

A Danish SME searches selling energy supplements for athletes and everyday users is looking for new suppliers to co-develop nutrition products in Europe. The SME is especially looking for Energy Gummies, Energy gel and Electrolyte Effervescent Tablets.

A Greek engineering and renewables expert is looking for new solutions to integrate into industrial and engineering installations in Greece, with particular focus on wind and solar energy.

A German company is specialising in the distribution of balance bikes for children. It is looking for a new reliable partner in Europe for the production of airless tyres made of foamed EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) for 10" and 12.5" wheels.

A French wholesaler specialised in exporting textile from Europe to Africa is looking for new and additional suppliers of textile in PVC, leather and other raw material fabrics used in automotive, upholstery and furnishing sector in Europe. The company is looking for partners under the frame of a distribution services agreement or manufacturing agreement.

A Polish SME from textile sector specializes in selling natural fabrics made of linen, cotton and wool. The company is looking for offers from potential partners - fabric factories and stores with articles and finished goods made of natural fabrics. The considered cooperation type is supplier agreement.

The French SME distributes a large range of disposable tableware like cups, plates, bags, cutlery, take-away boxes. The products are 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable and/or compostable. The company is looking to source new products, or find new manufacturers to start partnership. The company is looking for partners under a manufacturing agreement.

An Italian company producing semi-finished products in wood is looking for producers of Medium-density fibreboard MDF. The company is interested now in buying containers of MDF (typical density of 600–800 kg/m3).

An Austrian company is looking for manufacturers (no traders) who produce stamped and bent parts made of stainless-steel sheet in 8 different sizes. The company needs them to produce durable self-inking stamp products. The quantity scale should be around 30.000 pcs. to 220.000 pcs. each. The company is interested in a long-term business relationship.

Danish company seeks suppliers of protein powder, based on milk or plants.

A Belgian wholesaler is looking for a production partner of woven screening fabric made from UV-stabilised polyethylene. After weaving, the fabric needs to be finished with a seam and aluminium eyelets every 30cm. (see attached pictures) The company has an important position on the market of privacy screening solutions.

A Polish SME from the fashion industry specilises in designing and manufacturing postapocalyptic-style clothing and accessories. The firm is looking for suppliers of textiles (e.g. leather, denim, natural linen, military fabrics) and other materials (e.g. webbing tapes, PVC sheets, spikes, buckles, press studs, rivets, eyelets). The firm prefers recycled materials, in line with the 'zero waste' approach.

A Dutch company sees opportunities in the market for plant-based fish alternatives. The Dutch company is looking for either a company who already has really good products or a company that can help them develop such products. It is important that the product have a nice texture, flavour and appearance.

Big companies’ branch office, based in northern Germany searches for a customized lifting solution.The solution may be a tool or machinery and needs to be able to lift up to 200kg, with a speed of 0,4-0,6m/s and fulfil the first level criteria of the “athmosphères explosibles” (ATEX) certification. The enterprise searches for a mechanical engineering company which is able to develop and build the lifting solution.

An Ukrainian enterprise is interested in investors, creditors, partners who wish to take part in the reconstruction of Ukraine, decentralization of the energy sector of the state, in any part of this large project, in the transportation and sale of electricity and biogas to EU countries..

A company from Lithuania that produces products for animals is looking for a raw material supplier. The company's production spectrum is wide, and the required raw materials are diverse. Partners should work under supplier agreement.

Spanish sales agency is looking for uderware producers and providers to represent their products under commercial agency/distribution agreements.

The Danish SME sells dish cloths and other kitchen products from their webshop and through retailers. They are looking for a new supplier and manufacturer for their dishcloths, able to produce them according to their current design. The material can for example be microfiber, linen and eco cotton. The products must be made from sustainable materials, for example recycled polyester or organic cotton. Deadstock or left-over-fabrics could also be a possibility.

An Italian company whose activities and experience are in the field of plastic injection moulding, is requesting for collaboration agreement for the supply of recycled materials in order to constantly experiment with new technologies, new processing methods and innovative materials.

A Polish company from the installation industry performs ventilation and air-conditioning, water and sewage, refrigeration, heating, electrical installations and lighting systems, as well as technological and industrial installations. The company is looking for foreign entities to cooperate on an energy optimization project. They are interested in: purchase of equipment for energy projects, partnership and representation of equipment of foreign entities related to the energy industry in Poland.

A French SME specialized in packaging is looking for a wood working manufacturer of medium density fibreboard (MDF) boxes and / or poplar plywood / light hardwood boxes.

A Czech manufacturer of linden wood products is looking for partner to cooperate on the basis of a supplier agreement.

An Italian company is looking for suppliers of plywood of any kind of wood, in the quality BB \ CC, with the following dimensions: mm 3x228x1220 \ mm 9x2280x1220 \ mm 16.5x2440x1220, under supplier agreement.

A French company manufactures hoses and its connectors and assembles technical flexible hoses. To outsource part of its “small” parts production, the company is looking for a machining company that can produce 316L stainless steel end caps for an outsourcing agreement.

A Bulgarian company accredited and acting in the fields of conformity assessment and certification is looking for auditors, consultants and laboratories to conduct for it as subcontractors their relevant services (audits, consultancy and testing) for the respective territories under the conditions of commercial agreements. Based on this, the company will certify the common clients if their products/activity respond to the applicable international standards.

A French company located in Paris region, specialized in models, is looking for an industrial partner to produce and assemble a part of its new ranges of models using several technologies (electronics, plastic or metal injection, spray masking, tampoprint, etc.). A manufacturing/subcontracting agreement is being considered.

An Austrian company has developed a veritable innovation: a highly flexible power strip system with additional functions. The system is freely scalable in a similar way to Lego with electric socket modules and freely selectable funcionality modules. The development stage is close to completion and a prototype is available. The next step is to prepare the market launch. To do so, the company seeks a manufacturing partner to start the next phase and to possibly contribute financially.

An Italian startup focused on technological solutions for the transformation and digitization of business and/or industrial processes, with particular reference to the retail and warehouse logistics sector, is looking for new robotic solutions in order to expand its products portfolio, under commercial agreements.

The company from the Netherlands is active in delivering, repairing, refurbishing and cleaning exhaust systems, for example catalysts and particulate filters. They are looking for a supplier of emission control mounting mats.

A company from Bosnia and Herzegovina produces electrical power plants, telecommunications equipment and metal parts for the auto industry and machine. The company seeks partners to work under manufacturing agreements.

A French woman entrepreneur had a solid experience in a large luxury house as a leather goods maker. In 2019, she started her own activity on the basis of eco-responsibility, as designer and producer of leather goods and jewellery for men and women. She is currently looking for new suppliers of cotton-lined cork, vegetal fibers or cellulose in rolls in several colours. Manufacturers of such types of quality and natural materials, are sought as long-term partners under supplier agreements.

A Lithuanian company is specialized in wood processing activities. As the business is expanding, the company is seeking wood suppliers and partners.

A Spanish distributor of professional photography and video products and equipment is looking for innovative photography and video products in order to develop its product portfolio. The company is looking for distribution agreements.

A Swedish reseller of baby/children products and toys are looking for manufacturer of children silicone products, such as plates, mugs, teething rings and toys. The company are now looking for long-term manufacturing agreement with European-based manufacturers of white-label silicone-based children products.

A Greek start-up technological company is working in the fields of industrial minerals & metals, materials and energy. The company is looking for multiple sources of waste materials such as bauxite residue, residue from metal-making or steel industry, bricks & tiles and other demolishing waste, glass waste and fly ash from biomass incineration. The company would like to conclude a procurement agreement.

A Bulgarian producer of traditional Bulgarian dairy products would like to start long-term business cooperation with distributors, wholesale sellers, food producers and other potential customers and to supply them with premium quality of Bulgarian yogurt. The company is interested in cooperation with all EU countries.

A Japanese company manufactures plastic products including advanced airless bottles which are used for food, cosmetics, and personal care product packaging. The company is looking for an EU partner that is willing to co-develop or produce a bottle cap that can also function as a measuring tool. The company is generally interested in technologies that prevent food-loss and wiling to engage in license, technical & research cooperation, and commercial agency agreements.

An Italian company specialized in risks prevention is looking for a manufacturer of innovative safes certified to European safety standards for the inclusion of a new brand in the Italian market with an exclusive distribution agreement.

A German startup developed a smart office system that enables instant personalization of workspaces. The solution consists of a mobile application, a smart desk and a smart office chair which are able to electrically adapt and adjust into personalized settings of different users. The startup is now looking for pilot testers for their office 4.0. solution who are willing to collaborate under services agreement.

A Finnish eco-design company is looking for a supplier or manufacturer of designed and round shape-cut foam plastic components. The diameter of the component is 90 mm. The desired form of cooperation is a manufacturing or a subcontracting agreement.

The Slovak detailing studio is focused on professional cleaning and external treatments of cars. The company is looking for business partner, that could supply tools and products for cleaning and washing cars. The company is offering to cooperate under supplier agreement.

A large Belgian company is looking for that can carry out heating installations (black pipping) and work in installation (material supplied by us). Work carried out on a fixed-price basis or on the basis of a price list (presumed quantity).

A Polish SME specializing in trade intermediary services seeks for manufacturers and wholesalers of various kinds of goods and service providers who need to expand their sales on the Polish market. On the other hand, the company is also looking for entrepreneurs willing to purchase different kinds of goods and services.

Italian company operates in the energy efficiency sector, with high quality products which respect the environment. The company aims at acting as agent or distributor for foreign suppliers interested in introducing their products in Italy.

A Slovenian company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of bags is looking for suppliers of PE-LD ZIP lock grip seal plastic bags.

A Belgian wholesaler, which is for many years a worldwide supplier of metal screws, is looking for a cooperation with manufacturers of metal screws. In particular, the partner sought has to be able to produce metal binding screws for the sample making industry. The requested partnership is a manufacturing agreement.

A German established sales agency represents suppliers to the automotive OEM, 1st and 2nd tiers. They request manufacturers of seat structures, stampings, synthetic greases or rubber, large plastic parts and other products (composites, batteries, electric motors, window regulators, cameras, navigation systems, sensors and electrical systems) interested in a commercial agency agreement.

A young Maltese SME is looking for a company / wholesaler that supplies permanent make-up machines, disposable items such as nitrile gloves or needles, as well as skin care cosmetics in order to expand her business offerings to the local market. Company is looking for a supplier or manufacturing agreement.

An innovative Game Development Studio based in Slovakia aims to elevate the gaming industry.Comany’s primary game expands what is possible by combining casual gaming and blockchain rewards to plant REAL trees in the real world. The company is looking for new partnerships and investments specifically in the ecological, gaming, and crypto-gaming sectors.

A Belgian company is specialized in the development of extendable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. It has branches in various countries in Europe. It developed a CRM platform that organizes sales, marketing and customer service, automates customer relationship management and synchronizes customer data. The company is looking for CRM companies that are willing to integrate a fast growing international group. They are interested in an acquisition agreement.

A Spanish company specialized in asphalt and road construction with more than 70 years of experience in the sector, looks for solid bitumen and bitumen drum melters for making different types of asphalt mixes in its manufacturing process. The firm is interested particularly in products that can already be found in the market. The Spanish company is looking for cooperation partners in the form of supplier agreement.

A German company is specialized in the distribution of kids’ balance bikes. It is looking for a new reliable partner in the EU for the production of 10" and 12.5" wheels for kids’ balance bikes in the long term. The rims should be made of polyamide or similar, the airless tyres should be made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate).

A company from Germany is specialized in the sales of premium agricultural parts worldwide. They are looking for a manufacturer of metal components for agricultural machinery. They want to find a reliable partner in the frame of a manufacturing agreement.

A firm from Spain specialized in the production, packaging and distribution of premium tea is looking for producers of chamomile and pennyroyal in origin from European Union under a supply agreement.

A Polish manufacturer of medical devices and natural cosmetics is willing to enlarge its portfolio and is looking for foreign suppliers of medical devices. Cooperation based on the distribution services agreement with exclusive rights to sell products on Polish market is considered.

A 37-year-experienced French SME which manufactures motorbikes accessories such as comfort saddles, tank mats, rider and motorcycle luggage, aprons and sleeves is searching for new suppliers, especially specialised in eco-friendly innovative textiles.

A Spanish SME seeks for manufacturers to produce swimsuits for children. The product must be made of microfiber and with a weight between 210gr and 215 gr.

An Ukrainian company produces luxury upholstered furniture, eg. beds, sofas, chairs, ottomans. In the production process, the company constantly needs a variety of functional and decorative components. The company would like to cooperate with foreign suppliers. Preferable type of partnership is manufacture agreement.

A young Austrian company has a strong background in agriculture and had the idea to produce organic sprouts a few years ago. Now the company is focusing on sprouts and creating healthy products out of it like bars, yogurts and energyshots. The company wants to expand their company profile and is now looking for a producer or distributor of sprout production kit within Europe.

A company located in Malta manages, promotes, sells and distributes a vast and varied portfolio of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical consumables, generics, food supplements, injectables, vaccines and bio-similars. The company offers its customer networks to relevant manufacturers, as agent or distributor.

French distributor of plumbing products wishes to acquire companies that import or sell plumbing products. The French company is looking for a partner under acquire agreement.

A large Polish company is looking for poultry breeders to buy animals based on a supplier agreement. The company has its own fleet with the option of watering animals, therefore it is able to transport animals from distant places.

A Lithuanian company is working in a temporary staffing and human resources areas. The company is looking for partners (recruitment agencies, recruitment companies) that might help with human recources (employees) from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia. Cooperation under the outsourcing agreement is offered.

A Bulgarian firm seeks manufacturers of satellite harwares and components.

A leading German trading company seeks to add European-made sustainable beauty accessories and lifestyle items to their portfolio. The products are sold in drugstores, perfumeries and discounters. Manufacturing partners are sought for distribution agreements.

A French sales agency specialised in the promotion and distribution of innovative medical devices would like to establish a commercial agency/distribution agreement with manufacturers in the medical, healthcare, or pharmaceutical industry, interested to expand their activities in France and in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region. Other related industries like ecology will also be considered.

A Spanish manufacturer of furniture for school and communities is looking for birch veneer wood in order to carry out the manufacturing of several products (chairs, desks, etc.). The company is looking for supplier agreements.

A Swedish company has designed a new serie of Gustavian style wood furniture and is searching for manufacturers in Europe with an advanced machined park including a CNC under an outsourcing agreement./strong>

A French company specialized in innovative swimming pool equipment that enables efficient and effortless cleaning of pool surfaces is looking for a fiberglass or PVC mosquito net manufacturer in Europe. Cooperation on the basis of an outsourcing/supplier agreement is considered.

A Danish start-up company with the target of developing, designing, and selling (online and in physical shops) small-sized dolls and other small-sized toys seeks manufacturers of such products.

A French company specialized in the promotion and distribution of innovative and sustainable toys for kids seeks to expand its portfolio. The company would like to establish a commercial agency or a distribution agreement with European manufacturers interested to expand their activities in France.

[ACQUISITION] Belgian fire safety equipment/Alarm system maintenance company is looking to buy a SME in Europe in the security sector with recurring business through maintenance. The Belgian buyer company is following a strategy of growth by acquisition to increase its presence on the market and/or seek new opportunities.

A Danish company manufactures old-fashioned, traditional design windows combined with modern techniques to make windows which fit into classical buildings while being fully functional and having modern insulation properties. In order to meet their rapidly increasing demand, they are looking for Central and East European companies to make the windows for them under a manufacturing agreement.

A Slovak industrial bakery, focused on production of frozen pastries with sweet and salty fillings is looking for EU suppliers of food ingredients (frozen fruit and vegetables, oil, pizza paste, tomato paste, fillings).

A Danish SME are looking for manufacturers to produce lifejackets for watersports. The life jacket is remarkable by being made of a flexible fabric (swimwear material), being manually inflatable, and placed on the upper chest, making it possible to wear while doing sports that requires great flexibility such as surfing. The Danish SME is looking for a manufacturing agreement.

A Japanese company is a major player in their domestic industrial automation market and is currently looking for relevant products and technologies in the EU to expand their product line-up. The company is particularly interested in robotics and its peripherals such as sensors and safety equipment that make innovative usage of IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions. The partnership would be in the form of commercial agency and distribution services agreements.

A Japanese trading company would like to partner with an EU company providing chemicals and compounds for the manufacturing of electrodes and other applications in the electronics sector. They wish to represent this EU partner on the Japanese market in the form of a commercial or supplier agreement. They are looking for a partner who can supply both high quality chemicals and compounds.

A Bulgarian honey processing factory and beehive farm is looking for suppliers of raw conventional and organic honey/ honey products.

A French yacht equipment manufacturer is looking for new alternative to neoprene fabrics (limestone, eiecopren, biöprene etc.) suppliers located in Europe. This neoprene fabrics should come in rolls, 10 000-15 000 meters per year.

A Spanish petrochemical company with a wide distribution network within the automotive sector, including agricultural and industrial vehicle, is looking for innovative products in order to complete its catalogue. The company distribution network is formed by wholesalers, spare parts shops, gas stations, car dealers, retailers, etc. so any innovative product suitable for these channels will be evaluated. The company is looking for distribution agreements.

A Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality marine salt is looking for a supplier of sustainable packaging for its high-end product - Fleur de sel.

Dutch Garment Manufacturing Agency & Fashion Brand is looking for Eastern European Cut, Make & Trim (CMT) garment manufacturer with proven experience producing for European fashion brands and strong in-house development skills. Accepted quantities: from 50pcs to 700pcs. The SME offers a commercial or outscourcing or supplier agreement.

Polish gluten-free and traditional mill seeks grain suppliers for milling into flours and bakery mixes (cakes, waffles, bread).

A Polish company mainly produces pickled and marinated vegetables and related products such as pickled vegetables juices. It is also a supplier of fresh peeled, whole or sliced, packaged vegetables for individual customers or for the Horeca market, hotels and catering. For this moment, the company is interested in finding a supplier of pickled tomatoes (whole, packed in barrels).

Slovak SME operating in the field of mechanical assembly services for ground and rooftop photovoltaic power plants is looking for partners in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Croatia and Latvia. The company seeks partners that will provide mechanical assembly services for ground and rooftop photovoltaic power plants. The company offers a outsourcing agreement.

Swedish Company - Global Leader in Dietary Supplements Manufacturing Seeks Contract Manufacturing Partnerships Worldwide

A UK-based SME specialising in sports accessories is seeking manufacturing services to produce a plastic handle featuring nylon and stainless-steel bristles via a commercial agreement

Italian company leading super-resolution optical microscopy techniques seeks collaborations and partnerships to expand its technology in biological research and clinical medical fields



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