PDR 2014-2020

The document may be the strategic basis for substantiating projects initiated at the regional level and may be considered by national authorities for substantiating funding programs for the next programming period.

Planning takes into account both external (European) and domestic (national/governmental, regional, local) funds. The RDP was carried out in accordance with the methodological guidelines developed by the Ministry of Regional Development concerning both the content of the Regional Development Plans and the partnering framework for their elaboration, consultation and approval. From qualitative and quantitative analysis, the development directions of the Bucharest-Ilfov region for the 2014-2020 period resulted in increasing regional competitiveness, reducing intra-regional disparities and strengthening sustainable development. To achieve these goals, we identified as vectors: SMEs, research on development and innovation, regional cohesion, transport, the quality of the natural and built environment, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The strategy of the Bucharest-Ilfov region 2014-2020 envisages three strongly interconnected global strategic objectives:

Ø Strengthening regional competitiveness

Ø Reduction of intra-regional disparities

Ø Urban and rural sustainable development

PDR Bucuresti-Ilfov 2014-2020 - final - 16 October 2015 (Romanian)

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