Public consultations launched by the European institutions

Periodically, the European Commission (through the departments and services in areas where European legislation needs to be adapted or modified) launches public consultations to which all stakeholders interested in these fields are invited to participate. When drafting normative acts, the European institutions are interested in anticipating the impact and impact of European legislation on the functioning of the single market, reducing red tape and unnecessary burdensome formalities and increasing the competitiveness of European businesses, with the help of the reactions and proposals of the different socio-economic categories.

The European Commission uses a specific mechanism for public consultation, launched as part of the initiative for the interactive development of European policies. Dialogue partners are invited to respond to online questionnaires, thus contributing to assessing the impact of community policies at local, regional and national levels. The Enterprise Europe network can make the voice of business heard better in the EU's decision-making process. By promoting public consultations and by helping to fill out the questionnaires, comments, views and entrepreneurs' observations can be channelled to decision-makers in Brussels so that they are included in the work on future policy initiatives.

Romanian businesses are obviously also covered by Community legislation and therefore their participation in such consultations is in their direct benefit.

On this page, we will announce public consultations launched by European institutions of interest to the socio-economic entities in our area, also promoting targeted surveys that address businesses in our databases, especially small businesses.

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