Business Opportunities

The Enterprise Europe Network database (managed by the specialized services of the European Commission) is the largest database in Europe and includes business cooperation opportunities launched by companies from the 64 countries where the network is present, namely applications and offers of products and services, commercial, technological, financial and production cooperation, as well as for finding partners for research and development projects funded through European programs.

Any company interested in the transnational development of its own business has free access to this database through the consortium members covering the region in which it has its headquarters (in the case of the PROSME consortium, Arges, Calarasi, Dambovita, Giurgiu, Ialomita, Ilfov, Prahova, Teleorman and Bucharest).

A business cooperation proposal for a company in the area covered can be prepared by completing the business cooperation proposal form. The information in this form is processed and entered in the European database where there are hundreds of business opportunities each day. After validation of the registration, the cooperation proposal becomes visible to all EEN partners in the 64 countries. Subsequently, you will be informed whenever a potential foreign partner expresses your interest in future business cooperation with your business.

At the same time, based on the information in the form, you can search for business co-operation proposals that fit your criteria and requirements, this being another way of identifying potential partners.

And last but not least, other ways to promote your proposal, such as the network intranet, direct relationships with network partners, inviting you to international business events, etc. can be used.

For complete information on these opportunities for cooperation, to identify other opportunities in the European database that correspond to your needs and to enter your cooperation profile on this basis, the contact person is Mr. Ioan CIUPERCA, tel. 021.315.96.59, e-mail:

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