About the project

Through the PROSME project, developed in the regions of Bucharest-Ilfov and South Muntenia in 2014-2020 by a consortium consisting of 12 partners, the two regions are connected to the pan-European network to support Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) managed by the European Commission.

The EEN European Network includes over 600 contact points in 64 countries (28 EU Member States, 5 candidate countries, 2 European Economic Area countries and 29 third countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America) and is the largest network provides over 3,000 experienced employees in Europe with information and assistance services on European issues to help businesses develop their business at the European level, increase their own competitiveness, know about European programs and policies.

The services that the consortium offers free of charge to the potential beneficiaries in the counties of Arges, Calarasi, Dambovita, Giurgiu, Ialomita, Ilfov, Prahova, Teleorman and Bucharest are:
- direct access to the most up-to-date information in the European Union of interest to Romanian companies: Community legislation and how to apply in the Member States, European policies and programs in various fields, European auctions
- direct participation in the elaboration, modification and implementation of European legislation and consultations on its impact on the business environment
- promoting Romanian business opportunities in the 64 countries through a high-performance database and direct links to network contact points
- supporting innovation by facilitating the transfer of know-how and cutting-edge technologies
- finding business partners and participating in European R & D programs, assistance for participation in brokerage events and business partnerships from the 64 countries

The partners in the PROSME consortium offering these services are:

1. Bucharest - Ilfov Regional Development Agency (ADRBI)
163 Mihai Eminescu, 020076 Bucharest
Tel .: 021.315.96.59; fax: 021.315.96.65
Contact: Ioan CIUPERCA
Tel: 021.313.80.99; e-mail: ioan.ciuperca@adrbi.ro

2. South Muntenia Regional Development Agency (ADRSM)
7A Constantin Pantazi, 910164 Calarasi
Tel:; fax:
Contact: Monica CEAUSESCU
Tel: 0728.026.708; e-mail: programs@adrmuntenia.ro

3. Romanian Association for Electronics and Software Industry (ARIES)
202A Splaiul Independentei, 060022 Bucharest
Tel: 021.313.41.20; fax: 021.315.07.23
Contact: Alexandru BORCEA
Tel: 0722.664.148; e-mail: borcea@aries.ro

4. The Auto Manufacturers Association of Romania (ACAROM)
Banu Maracine, Bl D5, 110194 Pitesti
Tel: 024.821.12.45; fax: 024.821.99.58
www.acarom.ro; e-mail: acarom@acarom.ro
Contact: Adrian SANDU
E-mail: adrian.sandu@acarom.ro

5. Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIPh)
8 Cuza Voda, 100002 Ploiesti
Tel .: 024.451.66.66; fax: 024.451.25.52
Contact: Luana TEODORESCU
Tel: 034.440.12.03; e-mail: luana.teodorescu@cciph.ro

6. CEC Bank
13 Calea Victoriei, 030032 Bucharest
Tel:; fax: 021.310.09.00
Contact: Ana Maria Hai
E-mail: anamaria.hai@cec.ro

7. The "Romanian Center for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises" Foundation (CRIMM)
20 Ion Campineanu, 010038 Bucharest
Tel: 021.311.19.95, Fax: 021.312.69.66
Contact: Monica MOTOACA
E-mail: mnicola@imm.ro

8. National Institute of Research and Development for Machines and Installations for Agriculture and Food Industry (INMA)
6, Ion Ionescu de la Brad, 013813 Bucharest
Tel:; fax:
www.inma.ro, e-mail: icsit@inma.ro
Contact: Cornelia MURARU
E-mail: cornelia.muraru.ionel@gmail.ro

167 bis Calea Floreasca, 014459 Bucharest
www.inpulse ro
Contact: Daniel Alexandru COSNITA
Tel .: 0721.244.306; e-mail: dc@inpulse.ro

10. Commercial Company for Research, Design and Production of Automation Equipment and Installations (IPA)
159 Calea Floreasca, 014459 Bucharest
Tel: 021.318.00.17; fax: 021.316.16.20
Contact: Gabriel SPIRIDON
Tel .: 021.318.00.55; e-mail: spiridon@ipa.ro

11. Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Relations - Department of Foreign Trade and International Cooperation
152 Calea Victoriei, 010096 Bucharest
Tel: 021.401.05.42; fax: 021.315.09.61
Contact: Marius DRAGOS
E-mail: bazil.dragos@gmail.com

12. Polytechnic University Bucharest (UPB)
313 Splaiul Independentei, 060042 Bucharest
Tel .: 021.402.99.17, fax: 021.318.10.01
Contact: Alexandru MARIN
Tel: 0742.162.449 e-mail: alexandru.marin@upb.ro

Str. Mihai Eminescu nr. 163, etaj 2, sector 2 Bucuresti

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