INVALIS – Protecting European Biodiversity from Invasive Alien Species

20.11.2019 - 3rd meeting Project INVALIS Press release (RO)   Project Newsletter

Inter-regional workshop in Bucharest on how to manage emerging conflicts of interest in IAS management practices,
02-03 of October 2019 Press release (RO)

23.05.2019 - 2nd meeting Project INVALIS! Press release (RO)


INVALIS is a partnership-funded project funded by the Interreg Europe Program and comprises seven regions of the European Union to improve specific regional biodiversity and environmental protection policies by supporting policies to prevent, detect early, control and eradicate invasive alien species in natural ecosystems.

Promoting cooperation between public authorities and local stakeholders directly to address the challenges associated with invasive alien species, along with improving regional development, policies in the field of natural and cultural heritage protection and development, are the main pillars of implementation. The INVALIS project also aims to stop the decline of biodiversity and protect ecosystems in the EU, contributing essentially to the sustainable management of the natural environment.

The project runs from June 2018 to May 2023 and includes the following partners:

National Center for Environment and Sustainable Development - Lead Partner
Lombardy Foundation for the Environment
Regional Ministry of Environment and Rural Affairs - Regional Government of Extremadura
Corsican Agency of Environment
Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency
Institute of Sciences, Technologies and Agroenvironment of the University of Porto
Zemgale Planning Region

In order to achieve the main objective, the partners undertake to focus on a number of key areas of activity: increasing the capacity of public administrations to effectively implement environmental and biodiversity policies, integrating monitoring of invasive alien species, eradication and control measures in territorial development strategies, raising public awareness and strengthening the engagement of local communities to participate in monitoring plans, measures to protect natural ecosystems against invasive alien species.

The total budget is of 1,384,618 euros, of which the budget of Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency is 187,292 euros.

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