PLASTECO is a project developed to support eight partner regions to benefit from the provisions and the strategy of the EU in the field of plastics and to reach eventually their environmental protection goals. Read more

     AgroRES is a project developed in partnership with eight regions, from seven member countries of the European Union,  in order to improve specific regional policies aimed at encouraging the production and use of renewable energy in the agricultural and rural sector. Read more


A partnership project working across eight EU regions to promote Green and Blue Infrastructure as an integral part of a local or regional natural heritage preservation strategy. Read more


    The e-MOPOLI project aims to contribute to an efficient distribution of electric mobility or alternative fuel based on the improvement of a set of nine regional policy tools. Read more


The project aims to identify and promote more simplified and improved administrative experience and practices, internationalization and expansion to larger markets, as well as engaging in innovation processes that will serve as engines for job creation. Read more


     INVALIS is a partnership-funded project funded by the Interreg Europe Program and comprises seven regions of the European Union to improve specific regional biodiversity and environmental protection policies by supporting policies to prevent, detect early, control and eradicate invasive alien species in natural ecosystems. Read more
    The iBuy project (Fostering the role of public authorities as demanders of innovation through public procurement), funded by the INTERREG EUROPE program, aims to study a common challenge in partner territories, namely the need to effectively promote and implement public procurement programs that stimulate Innovation (IPP), co-financed by the European Structural Funds and Investments. Read more
The FEMINA project partners believe that increased participation of women among high-tech SMEs can make them more competitive. This belief, based on academic studies and practical experience, must become a part of general politics. Read more
Green Screen is a partnership-funded project funded by the Interreg Europe Program, which includes eight EU regions to improve specific policies and achieve measurable success in reducing the carbon footprint caused by the film and television industries. Read more


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