September 20th-21st, 2018 - First stakeholder meeting - FEMINA

The first convention of the consortium was also the first opportunity to start learning about the gender gap in high-tech sectors and the needs of all partners. The meeting started with a specific seminar and continued with the experience exchange session. Prior to the event, all partners received the FEMINA project methodology and a form in which they completed their own input on understanding barriers, used to prepare for the meeting and to be discussed at it.

The convention was open to interested local partners and stakeholders to contribute to the project theme.

DAY 1: September 20, 2018

Opening and expectations of partners

Sara Bonci, Arezzo Innovazione - FEMINA Project Director, opened the meeting by thanking the partners for their presence in Arezzo. Giuseppe Salvini, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce, Crafts and Agriculture of Arezzo, welcomed the partners in the province of Arezzo.

Specific seminar - Welcome and opening

Andrea Sereni, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Crafts and Agriculture of Arezzo, began the seminar by presenting an overview of the history, culture and economy of the province of Arezzo.
Roberto Monnanni, President of Arezzo Innovazione, welcomed and explained why Arezzo Innovazione wanted to coordinate the FEMINA project.

Specific seminar - Examples from the FEMINA Advisory Board

The objective of this seminar was to familiarize the partners with the theme of the project and with the barriers that stand in the way of promoting female entrepreneurship, career progress and gender innovation.

The session was administered by Isabelle-Louise Aabel, GCE NODE - FEMINA advisory partner. GCE NODE has created a local advisory board that will provide a range of project expertise.

Experience exchange session - Understanding barriers and favorable conditions

The aim of this session was to encourage open discussions on the barriers and conditions that favor women's participation in high-tech enterprises. Each FEMINA region worked on this topic before the meeting, as a starting point for the workshop.


DAY 2: September 21, 2018

Experience exchange session - Regional context

The aim of this session was to continue the exchange of experiences on the topic of regional analysis undertaken in the framework of the identification of barriers and favorable conditions, this time focused on the local and regional contexts of the partners. The working methodology for the exchange session was presented by Francesca Martemucci - Resolvo Srl. Subsequent.

Experience exchange session - Locating stakeholders

The partners presented the stakeholders identified at regional level and a FEMINA map was developed with them.


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