Octomber 24th-25th, 2019 - Third stakeholder meeting - FEMINA

The third partnership meeting of the FEMINA project was organized by the Norwegian partner Global Center of Expertise (GCE) NODE in Grimstad, Norway.

The third FEMINA Convention was an opportunity for project partners and local stakeholders interested in contributing to the project theme.

DAY 1:24 October 2019

Location: Strand Hotel Fevik, Grimstad

Welcome and the opening of the meeting

Welcome to the Agder region and the presentation of the meeting agenda

Experience exchange session

During this session, the learning activities carried out so far (identification of barriers and favorable conditions and initial activities related to Good Practices) and the transition to the next work phases were reviewed. The focus was on action plans: the way in which Good Practices relate to this issue was discussed and the model for action plans was analyzed.

Conference: Stopping Gender Differences = Creating Value

National and regional actors presented their general experience in the field of gender equality, as well as in the high-tech sector. The conference allowed discussions and questions from the participants.


DAY 2: October 25, 2019

Location: University of Agder, Grimstad

Visits to the Mechatronics Innovation Laboratory and Hokus Pokus Kindergarten

Workshops on the transfer of Good Practices

Partnership meeting

Photo gallery

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