March 14th-15th, 2019 - Second stakeholder meeting - FEMINA

The aim of the second FEMINA convention was for partners to continue to learn about the barriers to women's participation in high-tech companies and to start exchanging possible solutions to be adopted.

The Convention began with an exchange of experiences to share and review the updated regional contribution to the barrier understanding model, focusing on specific sectors and policies. It continued with a specific seminar to discuss and validate the solution understanding model and to start identifying good practices (GPs).

The convention was open to interested local partners and stakeholders to contribute to the project theme.

DAY 1:14 March 2019

Location: Politeia, Agios Loukas, Lamia

Topics and activities:

* Meeting objectives, approach and methodology - Sara Bonci, Arezzo Innovazione, Irene Pettinelli, Resolvo;

* The role of women in Sterea Ellada in the research and development sectors - Prof. Thanos Kakarountas, Regional Research and Innovation Council;

* Validation of barriers. Presentation of the results of the analysis carried out at project level on the understanding of barriers - Irene Pettinelli, Resolvo. Interactive session, in which the partners discussed and validated the identified barriers that can be addressed by the FEMINA project;

*Understanding sector-specific barriers and moving to solutions. Interactive session, in which partners work in groups and discuss sector-specific barriers.

*Specific seminar. The objective of the seminar was for the partners to start identifying SOLUTIONS, to share experiences and to discuss how the solutions will be collected and presented within FEMINA. The seminar had an interactive format, focusing on the 3 categories of tools identified in FEMINA: Communication and awareness; Soft-support and dedicated structures; Economic and financial support.

DAY 2: March 15, 2019

Location: Amphitheater 1, Faculty of Science, University of Thessaly

- Partnership meeting;

- Conclusions of day 1 - Sara Bonci, Arezzo Innovazione, Irene Pettinelli, Resolvo;

- Stakeholder involvement - Irene Pettinelli, Resolvo;

- Management and Communication - Irene Pettinelli, Resolvo and Marte B. Drageset, GCE Node;

- Next steps in implementation, deadlines and conclusions - Sara Bonci, Arezzo Innovazione, Irene Pettinelli, Resolvo.

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