Starting from the economic characteristics and specific business opportunities identified at the Bucharest-Ilfov Region level - a true pole of Romanian economic growth and in the context of the possibility of carrying out projects supported by the European Union, the main objective of the Strategy for promoting and attracting investments for the development of the Region Bucharest-Ilfov is the quantitative and qualitative increase in investments in the Bucharest-Ilfov Region, by promoting the Region as a favorable business environment and attracting capital and know-how for sustainable development.

Specific objectives:
* Building and promoting a credible and attractive image of the Region, highlighting the existing friendly business climate - a potential investment market that enjoys a number of advantages compared to other regions in Romania and other EU countries.
* Increase the number of potential investors, both in the EU countries and other countries with significant reserves of investment capital and interests in this area.
* Correlation of the sectorial investment guidelines with the priority axes of the ROP, with the Regional Development Plan of the Bucharest-Ilfov Region 2014-2020 (RDP), but also with the identifiable availability at the level of the potential investors.

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