Regional Development in Romania


The project for the elaboration of the document entitled Green Charter of Regional Development by the European Union and the Government of Romania is initiated, establishing the roles of Romania's regional development policy for starting the preparation stage of Romania's accession to the European Union and through which established structural co-ordination models at national level, including the description of the organizational structure of the future Regional Development Agencies involved in the implementation of the regional development policy.


The document entitled Green Charter on Regional Development is finalized and adopted.


- The Government of Romania shall sign the Position Paper for Chapter 21, supplemented by the Accession Partnership and the Common Roadmap for Romania and Bulgaria, basic documents of the national regional policies of Romania and Bulgaria.

- The Law no.151 / 15 July 1998 on regional development in Romania is adopted, which establishes the institutional framework, objectives, competencies, and instruments specific to the regional development policy in Romania.

-The National Agency for Regional Development is set up.


Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) and Regional Development Councils are set up.


- Romania's Chapter 21 negotiating Romania's accession to the EU opens, setting out the criteria to be met by our country and eligibility for the Social Fund and the Cohesion Fund, namely the Community Acquis and the modalities for

- The Ministry of Development and Prognosis is designated as the institution responsible for the elaboration of the National Development Plan, on the basis of which Romania negotiates the Community Support Framework with the European Commission.

- The Ministry of European Integration is designated as the managing authority for the Community Support Framework, with responsibility for coordinating the implementation of Community assistance through the Structural Funds.


- Law 315/2004, which establishes the basic objectives of the regional development policy in Romania, as well as the attributions of the Regional Development Agencies, as promoters of socio-economic development at the regional level.

- The Ministry of Public Finance is designated as the Managing Authority for the Community Support Framework.

- The Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing is designated as the Managing Authority for the Regional Operational Program (ROP) 2007-2013, and the RDAs are designated Intermediate Bodies.


The Managing Authority for the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020 is established and the RDAs are designated Intermediate Bodies.

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